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Length:1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast:Tom s Guti‚rrez Alea, Juan Carlos Tabi˘, Conchita Brando, Carlos Cruz
Awards:Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award winner.

This new film by directors of Strawberry and Chocolate is a modern day Cuban fairy tale. When she returns to the town of Guantanamera after 50 years, impetuous, old Ant Yoyita is reunited with her first love, Candido, and promptly drops dead from the intensity of her rekindled passion. Yoyita's niece, Georgina, and her bureucrat husband, Adolfo, along with Candido and a driver, must then transport Yoyita's corpse to Havana while restricted by a new state plan pioneered by Adolfo. Also following the same route is Mariano, a love-struck former student of Georgina's. Social commentary masquerading as romantic comedy, Guantanamera is an enlightening voyage across a country where human warmth flourishes despite the political oppression od its people. "Superb" - Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix

"Absolutely and completely what it ought to be . . . A quiet ode to quiet courage." -New Republic

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