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Festival of Films from Iran: Beyond the Fire

Set during the early seventies, as the National Iranian Oil Company is expanding its drilling activities by buying parcels of land in rural areas, two brothers sell their family home then engage in a stubborn feud over their meager indemnity.

Tickets: $6 MFA members, students, seniors; $7 general admission, unless otherwise noted. Double feature (when applicable) is $9.50, $10.50. All films are in original language with English subtitles (when applicable). To charge tickets call 267-9300 x3306. Remis Auditorium box office hours are 10 am-4:30 pm on Tues, Sat, Sun and 10 am-8:30 pm Wed - Fri. For more information about ordering tickets, call 267-9300 x3300. All events are wheelchair accesible.

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