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Night & Day
Cast:Guliane Londez, Thomas Langman, Francois Negret
Credits:Directed by Chantal Akerman (French with English subtitles. Color, 35mm)

Jack and Julie, newly arrived in Paris, live in a small one-bedroom flat. Their obsessive erotic entanglements exclude friends and and neighbors, and they spend the hot summer days making love, showering and cooking. Jack drives a taxi at night, leaving Julie to walk about enjoying the city noise, the sights and the bustle. The cinematic complment to sexual enthrallment in Night and Day is the visual beauty of Akerman's images. The grainy walls of the cheap apartment, the muted blues and warm reds, create a series of stunning tableaux through which the striking and unconventionally beautiful Julie and the excessively and pretty feminine Jack both move.

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