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Length:87 min
Credits:Directed by Henry Corra & Graham Weinbren

In the summer of 1995 documentary filmmaker Henry Corra gave his 12 year old autistic son a video camera. The film that emerged over the next year, as father and son filmed side by side, is a swirling kaleidoscope of sights and sounds that turns into a stunning look at autism- and the fundamental nature of perception. The revealing perceptions about young George, held by his family and peers, run through a range of reactions, from awe of George's savant-like encyclopedic grasp of certain facts, to the brutal peer group assumptions about personality disorders. In some of the film's most moving scenes, we witness George and his father grapple with separation, divorce and the diagnosis of George's autism. Cinematically exuberant, while at the same time thoughtful, GEORGE allows the viewer to understand why we are what we are.

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