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The Distance
Length:85 min
Cast:Chaim Hadaya, Genia Chernik, Ruth Farchi
Credits:Directed by Dan Wolman

Oded, a yound Israeli architect living and working in the U.S. and married to an American, returns home for a visit when his father's health deteriorates. The visit forces him to confront the inescapable dilemma of whether to stay in his native, familiar country or in the land where he has found success while raising his young daughter. Whatever the decision, he will be separated from his loved ones. His situation is paralleled with that of Svetlana, a Russian immigrant who has left her parents in her native country in order to offer her young son the possibility of a better future. Having lived so far away, Oded watches as Svetlana fills the void he created in his parents' life, taking an active part in their lives, one which he has now no right to play.
Co-sponsored by the Israeli Consulate of Boston.

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