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Out at Work
Length:56 min
Credits:Directed by Kelli Anderson & Tami Gold

OUT AT WORK is a documentary about the critical issues facing lesbians and gay men on the job. The film follows the stories of three gay and lesbian workers over the course of five years. Cheryl Summerville, a cook in a suburban Atlanta Cracker Barrell restaurant was fired in 1991 for "failing to comply with normal heterosexual values." Ron Woods, a Chrysler Corp. auto plant electrician, underwent months of physical and verbal harassment after his co-workers found out he was gay. Bronx library clerk Nat Keitt found himself deeply in debt when his partner of 11 years became ill and lost his health benefits. The film was scheduled to be part of the series "Point of View", a national showcase for independent documentaries, but was dropped from the series after PBS refused to air it, claiming it violated the network's underwriting guidelines.

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