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Length:1 Hour 36 Minutes
Cast:Peter O'Toole
Joanna Going
Rose Mcgowan
Ben Affleck
Liev Schreiber
Credits:DIRECTOR: Joe Chappelle
PRODUCER: Bob Pringle, Joel Soisson, Steve Lane, Mike Leahy
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Dean Koontz
Released by Dimenson Films
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Mankind has always worried that the terror would come from above. What if it comes from below?
In a small Colorado town, 700 people are dead. Nobody knows why. The only survivors are two sisters, the town sheriff and a professor with an expertise in ancient epidemics. Based on the novel from acclaimed suspense master Dean Koontz, PHANTOMS is a supernatural thriller about an ancient force that's laid dormant below the Earth for centuries. It has the power to exterminate species and eliminate civilizations. It is a voracious, shape-shifting force that can black out a city in an instant, transform everything in its path, and strike utter terror into the hearts of all who encounter it. And it's come to the surface again.
Now, it's up to four people to decipher the mystery and destroying this terrifying threat - before it wipes us off the face of the Earth.

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