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The Fantastic Planet
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Length:1 Hour 12 Minutes
Cast:René Laloux

The strangeness of Fantastic Planet has diminished over the past two decades, though its value as entertainment and allegory has not tarnished in the least. A French/Czech co-production, the dream-like story concerns the degradation of the Oms, human-like creatures on the futuristic planet Yagam. The Oms are kept as pets and beasts of burden by the Draggs, 39-foot beings who comprise Yagam's ruling class. The status quo is upset when Terr, one of the Oms, accidentally receives an education, whereupon he organizes the other Oms to demand equality with the Draggs. Based on Stefen Wul's novel Ems En Serie, Fantastic Planet was the winner of a 1973 Cannes Film Festival grand prize. Hal Erickson

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