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Cast:Jacques Tati, Jacques Tati, Maria Kimberly, Marcel Fravel

This comedy is one of the few films by French comedian/filmmaker Jacques Tati (1908-82), born Jacques Tatischeff. His small output is attributed to his perfectionism. Tati wrote, directed, and acted in the films he made. Among his notable films are Jour de Fete, and Mon Oncle. Although his nearly silent films were made long after Buster Keaton's hallmark silent films, his work is often compared to Keaton's. The story concerns Tati's efforts to deliver a gadget-filled prototype car to an auto show in Amsterdam. Along the way, he and his compatriots run into every type of traffic obstacle imaginable. One highlight is a segment comparing cars' windshield wipers with their owners, to devastating effect. This film was released again in 1972 in the American market with 11 minutes cut from it. Clarke Fountain

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