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The Night Heaven Fell
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Length:1 Hour 33 Minutes
Cast:Roger Vadim, Alida Valli, Stephen Boyd, Pepe Nieto

This Brigitte Bardot vehicle is better known by its American title, The Night Heaven Fell. Bardot plays a young, sensuous French girl named Ursula, who arrives in a Spanish mountain community to visit her aunt (Alida Valli) and uncle (Pepe Nieto). It isn't long before uncle is killed by handsome stranger Lamberto (Stephen Boyd). Against her better judgement, Ursula falls in love with Lamberto, and helps him to elude the authorities-thereby beating her Aunt (who also loves Lamberto) to the punch . The Night Heaven Fell was the third feature-length directorial effort of Bardot's then-husband Roger Vadim. Hal Erickson

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