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Place Vend“me
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Place Vend“me
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Length:1 Hour 57 Minutes
Cast:Nicole Garcia, Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Emmanuelle Seigner

Nicole Garcia directed this French suspense thriller set in the posh Paris square of Place Vend“me, where the jewelers district includes the firm run by Vincent Malivert (Bernard Fresson) with his brother, Eric (Fran‡ois Berl‚and). Although Vincent has a top reputation in the field, his British colleagues suspect he fences stolen diamonds. Vincent's alcoholic wife Marianne (Catherine Deneuve), who goes to a classy clinic to dry out, doesn't like the thought of signing papers to transfer the firm's name to other hands, a move that will save the firm from bankruptcy. Thanks to Vincent, she knows of some hidden diamonds, but others would also like to locate the hidden pouch, including the mysterious employers of Kleiser (Philippe Clevenot). The odyssey sends Marianne into boardrooms, past the workbenches of gem-cutters, and on through the hotels, cafes, and diamond markets of Paris and Antwerp. Shown in competition at the 1998 Venice Film Festival. Bhob Stewart