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Cheung Fo
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Length:1 Hour 24 Minutes
Cast:Johnny To, Law Wing-cheung, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng

Veteran Hong Kong director Johnnie To spins this wild, kinetic crime thriller. The film concerns an aging crime boss, Lung (Ko Hung), taking an assassin's bullet. Though he survives, he instructs his henchman Frank (Simon Yam) to find the villain behind the plot. Frank soon hires a quintet of hired guns to guard the boss, including the laconic Curtis (Anthony Wong), the flinty Roy (Francis Ng) and his prot‚g‚ Shin (Jackie Lui), the haggard Mike (Roy Cheung), and firearms expert and peanut enthusiast James (Lam Suet). The group manages to thwart three attempts on the old man's life -- one from a sniper, a second in a shopping mall, and the third in an old warehouse -- until they figure out that rival crime boss Fat Chung (Wong Tin-lan) had order the hit. This film was screened at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival. Jonathan Crow

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