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Rich and Famous
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Length:1 Hour 44 Minutes
Cast:Chow Yun-Fat, Alex Man, Man Chi Leung, Andrew Lau

Taylor Wong Tai-loi delivers this gangster saga about brotherhoood and betrayal. Bumptious, ill-tempered Yung (Man Chi-leung) has run up a huge gambling debt is about to get his finger loped off for non-payment until his more levelheaded brother, Kwok (Andy Lau Tak-wah), intercedes. When Yung's troubles become too great for even Kwok to handle, they turn to Chai (Chow Yun-fat), a big-time gangster who hires the two to aid with his business ventures. Enthusiastic and dependable, Kwok quickly becomes Chai's right-hand man, much to Yung's displeasure. When a Thai drug lord stops shipment to Chai, underworld tensions build. Eventually Yung shows his true self and joins the other side, setting the stage for bloody gangland violence. This film is followed up by Tragic Hero. Jonathan Crow

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