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The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse
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Length:1 Hour 39 Minutes
Cast:Fritz Lang, Gert Fr”be

Before Ian Fleming's Dr. No, there was novelist Norbert Jacques's Dr. Mabuse, the criminal mastermind at the center of Fritz Lang's famous silent serial in the '20s and '30s and a subsequent sound feature. In 1959, Lang left Hollywood and returned to his native Germany to direct what would be his final film -- The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse. The image of this infamous villain is revived, after nearly 30 years, to frame a complex criminal story set in a luxury Berlin hotel where every room is secretly under video surveillance. Lang's talent for handling intricate plots reaches a zenith here in a labyrinthine tale filled with more twists and turns than would seem possible in a mere hour and a half. Indeed, there's hardly a character in 1000 Eyes who's the person he appears to be, or a scene without a hidden camera, a two-way mirror, or a secret passage. Also typical is Lang's lovingly detailed portrayal of police investigative methods and techniques. The strong cast of this paranoid thriller includes Gert Fr”be (Goldfinger) as a rough-edged homicide detective, Peter van Eyck as a wealthy industrialist, Dawn Addams as a beautiful -- and suicidal -- love interest, and Wolfgang Preiss as a blind, white-haired clairvoyant who helps the detective with his investigations. Once again, All Day Entertainment has done a stellar job putting together the DVD version of a nearly forgotten cult classic. The image was painstakingly restored from original studio negatives, and the disc includes a menu of enticing extras. Gregory Baird

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