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The Family
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Length:1 Hour 48 Minutes
Cast:Sergio Sollima, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Umberto Orsini

This Italian crime melodrama was originally released as Citta Violenta. Charles Bronson stars as Jeff, an ex-convict living in New Orleans. Understandably, Jeff trusts no one but his curvaceous girl friend Vanessa (Jill Ireland). She is stolen away from him by Weber (Telly Savalas), the man who framed him on a murder charge. Jeff goes gunning after Weber, only to discover that his real enemy is within his own circle of intimates. Even for a 1973 film, the body count in The Family is awesome; there are almost as many dead bodies as there are screenwriters (one of whom was Lina Wertmuller) As for the plot, it's so confusing at times that many viewers have come away thinking that Bronson is actually the villain of the piece. Hal Erickson

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