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The Yakuza Way
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Cast:Shundo Ohkawa, George Cheung, Robert MacColl, Riki Takeuchi

Battle-weary Yakuza courier Kanuma (Riki Takeuchi) dons his snakeskin suit and wraparound sunglasses to visit Los Angeles for what he believes is his last assignment before calling it quits. He has to deliver money to a small-time drug dealer (George Cheung) and pick up a substantial shipment of cocaine. But the job is snakebit from the start as a double-cross by Vincent (Robert MacColl), a violent drug dealer, leads to the death of two women, one of them Kanuma's beautiful fianc‚e (Eiko Nijo) and the other his long-lost sister (Mai Hoshino). Kanuma's life takes another eventful twist when he learns that the local police have been setting him up for disaster since the beginning. Behind the cool of the sunglasses are the eyes of a now-psychotic and heavily armed Japanese Yakuza gangster who is bent on violent revenge. ~ Buzz McClain, All Movie Guide

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