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Long Arm Of The Law
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Length:1 Hour 41 Minutes
Cast:Johnny Mak

Producer turned director Johnny Mak spins this groundbreaking heist film, using documentary shooting devices and a cast full of first-time actors. A band of mainland thugs are plotting to jump the border into Hong Kong, hold up a jewelry store, and flee back into China before they are caught. Straight from the start, though, the plan goes horribly wrong when one of their ranks is mauled to death by a guard dog as they try to scale the fence to Hong Kong. Once in the colony, they realize that their mark is not only swarming with police, but had been already held up. When the cops see the mainlanders skulking around the crime scene, they immediately take them as suspects. In the resulting chase and gunfight, one cop winds up dead. As the gang regroups, they sample some of the fruits of capitalism like bar girls and Big Macs. As they plot another heist, their fence is making a deal with the cops who are hungry for revenge. Jonathan Crow

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