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Powerful Four
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Length:1 Hour 49 Minutes
Cast:David Lam, Danny Lee, Simon Yam, Waise Lee, Vincent Wan Yeung-ming, Yolinda Yan Cho-sin

David Lam delivers this straight-ahead police drama about the exploits of a band of rogue cops during the 1960s, a period of massive corruption in the police force. Luk (Danny Lee), Lui (Simon Yam), Yiu Hung (Waise Lee), and Fatty B (Kent Cheng Chuk-see) are all old friends working the beat in different districts of the colony content while living off of petty graft and lucrative kick backs. Yet things change when they run afoul of psychotic drug runner Sam (Vincent Wan Yeung-ming) who is hell-bent on getting rid of everyone who stands in his way. When Sam has his men disfigure Lui's girlfriend Yim-ping (Yolinda Yan Cho-sin), the four begin to plot bloody revenge just as Sam tries to learn the formula for making high-grade heroin. Jonathan Crow

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