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In The Dead Of Space
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Length:1 Hour 25 Minutes
Cast:Eli Necakov, Michael Paré, Lisa Bingley, Tony Curtis Blondell

A potential disaster rocks a space station and the lives of those on board in this suspense-filled science fiction drama. Konrad (Michael Pare) is a scientist who, while piloting a small spacecraft, accidentally crashes into Tesla, a laboratory in space created and maintained by the Russian government. While accusations of sabotage and sinister intentions greet Konrad upon his arrival, in time he is accepted by the multinational crew. But as personal tension begins to grow among the crew, it's learned that something is wrong with Tesla --something which could pull the space station out of orbit and send it crashing to Earth. Faced with the distinct possibility of a fiery death, the mood aboard Tesla turns from ugly to violent as Konrad and the others try to find a way to save the station -- and themselves. In the Dead of Space also features Lisa Bingley, Tony Curtis Blondell, and George Chuvalo. Mark Deming

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