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Length:2 Hours 24 Minutes
Cast:Alexander Mitta, Georgiy Zhzhenov, Anatoly A. Vasilyev, Leonid Filatov

The drama centers around a crippled aircraft and its crew in this two-part, high-adventure film out of Moscow. In the first part of the story, the personal lives of the crew are examined in detail. It turns out that the steward and stewardess have become intimate though they are having problems, and the flight engineer is divorced by his wife only because of a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, his ex-wife and son are passengers on the aircraft when it runs into trouble. In the second part of the story, the plane narrowly escapes the devastation of an earthquake but its tail is seriously damaged. That damage may scuttle the jet long before the pilot can attempt a landing in Moscow, creating a tense situation for everyone on board. Eleanor Mannikka

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