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Within the Rock
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Length:1 Hour 28 Minutes
Cast:Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Xander R. Berkeley, Bradford Tatum, Brian Kraus

Originally made for the Sci-Fi Channel, this intergalactic thriller offers yet another riff on the themes from Alien. The terror begins when it's discovered that "Galileo's Child," an ancient moon, has spun from its orbit and is rapidly whirling towards Earth. To save the planet, a band of brave miners set off to land upon the rogue moon and to engineer a means by which it can safely be turned away from Earth. To accomplish this, the miners must create a series of great tunnels into "Galileo's" surface. Unfortunately, in so doing, they uncover a great tomb, the once-secure burial site of an unspeakable alien terror that only needs contact with the moon's nitrogen atmosphere to reawaken and ravenously comb the little planet for fresh meat. Sandra Brennan

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