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Priklyucheniya Toma Soyera i Geklberri Finna
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Cast:Stanislav Govorukhin, Fedya Stukov, Vladik Sukhachev, Mariya Mironova

While Mark Twain's classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is regarded as one of the true classics of American literature, it has also become a favorite in many other countries around the world and this lengthy screen adaptation of Tom Sawyer was originally produced as a miniseries for Russian television. Tom Sawyer faithfully follows the narrative of the book as Tom (Fyodor Stukov) and his friend, Huck Finn (Vladislav Sukhachyov-Galkin), find adventure along the Mississippi River and Tom finds first love with Becky Thatcher (Mariya Mironova). For its American release on home video, Tom Sawyer was dubbed into English and the name of most of the cast and crew were Americanized; Fyodor Stukov became Fred Stack and director Stanislav Govorukhin is credited as Stan Govorkin. Mark Deming

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