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The Adventurers
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Length:1 Hour 49 Minutes
Cast:Ringo Lam, Andy Lau, paul Chun Pui, David Chiang Da-wei, Rosamund Kwan, Jacqueline We

Following up on his two-fisted Hong Kong action thriller Full Contact, ace director Ringo Lam spins this hard-boiled revenge drama. After the murder of his parents and only sister at the hands of the villianous gun-running billionaire Ray Lui (Paul Chun Pui) in 1975, crack jet pilot Yan (Andy Lau Ling-tung) vows revenge. Pairing up with Shang (David Chiang Da-wei) -- a Cambodian born CIA operative -- Yan ventures to Thailand, where he soon becomes romantically entangled with Liu's mistress Mona (Rosamund Kwan). Afterwards, events send him to San Francisco where he falls for Liu's beautiful, innocent daughter Crystal (Jacqueline We). Soon Yan finds himself included in Liu inner circle, accompanying the gangster to the secret hideout of a Cambodian autocrat. Yan places a beacon in the dictator's bunker so that the CIA can locate and destroy it with a surprise air strike. Jonathan Crow

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