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Cast:Jacques Becker, Jean Gabin, René Dary, Paul Frankeur

This strangely-christened French film noir was released in the US as Grisbi. Jean Gabin stars as a racketeer known by the Runyonesque nickname of Max the Liar. Seeking out the finer things in life, Max intends to pull one last job and retire. After stealing a fortune in gold, our "hero" is faced with a crisis of conscience when his best friend (Rene Dary) is kidnapped and held for a huge ransom. Somehow, Max manages to turn the tables on the abductors, but his dreams of a life of ease explode in his face. Up-and-coming leading lady Jeanne Moreau plays a pivotal role as the femme fatale who leads Dary into the hands of his kidnappers. Hal Erickson

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