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Theft Under the Sun
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Length:1 Hour 50 Minutes
Cast:Julian Cheung Chi-lam, Michael Wong Man-tak, Gigi Lai Lai Chi, Francis Ng Chun-yu

Ma Yuk-shing and Bruce Law Lai-yin direct this high-budget crime thriller about undercover cop Leung Ka-ho (Julian Cheung Chi-lam). Ever since Leung's mission to capture his gangland boss Dan Peterson (Michael Wong Man-tak) went horribly wrong, resulting in Peterson escaping, a cloud of suspicion has hovered over the cop. Unable to return to his police work, he happens upon Peterson again. Together, they venture to Russia where Peterson is fixing to buy some military hardware. When they pick up their hardware in a remote corner of northern China, they lose a missile when attacked by bandits. Through all their travails, a true bond develops between the two, clouding Leung's ability to do his duty and bring the criminal to justice. Gigi Lai Lai Chi and Francis Ng Chun-yu also appear. Jonathan Crow

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