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Zaroichi: On the Road
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Length:1 Hour 27 Minutes
Cast:Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Shintaro Katsu, Shiho Fujimura, Ryuzo Shimada

In this Japanese actioner a sightless swordsman and masseur living in feudal Japan begins working for a feudal lord preparing to battle his enemy. The swordsman is en route to his new employers when he is set upon by three of the enemy's men. The blind fellow's companion is killed, but he is able to hold his own and kill the raiders. He then listens to the request of a dying man and escorts a young woman to the home of her parents. She is kidnapped, but by using his super-sensitive powers of perception the swordsman saves her. More battle ensues, but in the end he gets the girl safely to her home. Sandra Brennan

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