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Zatoichi: The Tale of Zatoichi Continues
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Length:1 Hour 12 Minutes
Cast:Issei Mori, Kazuo Mori, Shintaro Katsu, Yoshie Mizutani

In this, the second film in the acclaimed Blind Swordsman series, Zatochi (Shintaro Katsu), the roving warrior and masseur, is hired to tend the weary muscles of a famous and powerful nobleman. However, Zatochi learns that the nobleman is dangerous and unstable, and leaves in fear of his life. The nobleman's henchmen believe Zatochi has learned more than he should know about their master's mental illness, and they set out to silence him before he can tell his story. Forced to battle the nobleman's bodyguards, Zatochi makes short work of them, but this hardly stops the mad leader and his underlings, and before long Zatochi discovers a deadly samurai named Yoshiro has been contracted to kill him -- an expert killer who is no less dangerous for having only one arm. Blind Swordsman: The Return of Masseur Ichi also features Yoshie Mizutani and Masayo Mari. Mark Deming

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