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Zatoichi: New Tale of Zatoichi
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Length:1 Hour 31 Minutes
Cast:Tokuzo Tanaka, Shintaro Katsu

In this classic samurai tale, Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu) is a legendary swordsman whose feats of skill and cunning are all the more remarkable for the fact he cannot see. Zatoichi has tired of the warrior's life, and has returned to the village of his birth in search of peace and tranquility. Meanwhile, Zatoichi's former mentor Banno has arranged for his sister Yayoi to marry a wealthy samurai, but when Zatoichi and Yoyoi meet, they quickly fall in love. Banno, however, refuses to grant his old student his sister's hand, leading to an ugly confrontation. But Zatoichi's love life is hardly his only problem; some time ago, he killed a corrupt politician, and now the man's brother has sworn vengeance against him. Mark Deming

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