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Ninja in the Deadly Trap
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Length:1 Hour 32 Minutes
Cast:Chin Shuo Mei, Chiang Sheng, Yasuaki Kurata, Philip Kwok

Soon after the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio stopped producing kung-fu flicks, director and martial arts master Philip Kwok Tsui raised money from Taiwan to make this spirited period kung-fu flick. Set during the Ming Dynasty when Japanese pirates were looting, raping, and ransacking towns along the Chinese coast, the imperial authorities grow increasingly alarmed when a band of ninja show up looking to take out General Chi (Ti Lung), the head of the Chinese military. The only person who could save the general is the Master of the Three Arts, who possesses a rare book on the deadly ninjitsu techniques. He offers his three crack students -- Chau (Chiang Sheng), Mao (Philip Kwok Tsui), and Tung (Lu Feng) -- to take on the fight. Jonathan Crow

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