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All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard
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Length:1 Hour 37 Minutes
Cast:Chung Yee-fung, Tsui Kam-Kong, Tony Leung, Lau Shun, Sin Lap-man, Wu Ma, Joey Wang

Hong Kong filmmaker Chung Yee-fung's stentorian remake of the historical epic Pursuit (1972) concerns two friends, an alcoholic monk named Ru Chi-shen (Tsui Kam-Kong) and a button-down military officer called Lin Chung (Tony Leung). Both are martial arts experts and they grow close through their practice of the discipline. Lin has a rival, however, the wicked Kao (Lau Shun), who frames him for a crime and tries to have him executed on the way to his appointment with a military tribunal. Ru saves his friend, but the respite is only temporary as Kao, attended by his dull-witted and obnoxious son (Sin Lap-man), has the Prime Minister (Wu Ma) and Lin's wife (Joey Wang) murdered. Lin prepares for a suicidal revenge mission against Kao, intentionally turning a cold shoulder to his best friend Ru in order to save him from death. Naturally, since this is based on a legend called "All Men Are Brothers," Ru isn't dissuaded so easily. Lam Wai co-stars with Austin Wai. Robert Firsching

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