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Friday Night
Length:90 mins
Cast:Gregoire Colin, Florence Loiret-Caille, Helene Fillieres, Helene De Saint Pere, Vincent Lindon, Valerie Lemercier
Credits:Claire Denis: Director Bruno Pesery: Producer Agnes Godard: Dailies Nelly Quettier: Editor Dick Hinchliffe: Music

Having packed up her possessions to move in with her lover, Laure is more unsettled than she appears. Needing to get out and have a change of scenery, she jumps in her car to go to have dinner with friends--only to become stuck in a terrible traffic jam. Laure completely forgot about the mass transit strike that has thrown the city into chaos. But Laure feels good in her car, the only place she has for herself right now. As she takes in the sights and sounds around her--the blare of horns and arguments, the shimmer of lights and camaraderie--Laure notices a calm and self-assured stranger, Jean, approach her car. Soon thereafter, she opens her car door to the man who, that night, will change her life.

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