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Ghost of Mars
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Length:1 Hour 38 Minutes
Cast:Ice Cube, Natasha Henstridge, Jason Statham
Credits:Director: John Carpenter

Even after 18 feature films and numerous TV excursions, genre auteur John Carpenter still gives his fans what they want: action, adventure, and mayhem. In Ghosts of Mars, the seasoned writer/director/composer lets loose with all the cinematic suspense and violence one could expect from the man behind Halloween and Escape from New York. On Mars in the year 2025, Natasha Henstridge turns the tables on her role in Species, this time fighting for the humans (rather than killing them) as a police lieutenant who must escort dangerous prisoner Ice Cube from an abandoned mining town to the Martian capital. However, in a Pitch Black-meets-Poltergeist twist, the local excavation has set free some Martian spirits from an ancient burial ground -- and oh, are they angry! Soon both the prisoner and the police crew -- which includes Pam Grier, Jason Statham, and Clea Duvall -- must band together to fight for life and limb. Nonstop action and incredible effects have come to characterize Carpenter's movies for nearly 30 years now, and Ghosts of Mars proves no exception to the rule. R.J. Wafer

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