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Cat Women of the Moon
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Length:1 Hour 4 Minutes
Cast:Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor
Credits:Director: Arthur D. Hilton

Even the title of this science-fiction "classic" bespeaks cheapness and shoddiness. Connoisseurs of bad films, however, will luxuriate in this unintentionally hilarious tale of a group of American space travellers who confront a hostile tribe of females on the border between the light and dark side of the moon. The expedition is led by Laird Grainger (Sonny Tufts), who under the circumstances is better than usual. Grainger and his polyglot crew--including co-pilot Kip Reissner (Victor Jory) and navigator Helen Salinger (Marie Windsor)--land on the lunar surface, where they soon discover that there's an atmosphere and water and everything. After a few minutes of wandering, the travellers come upon a huge modernistic city, populated by leotard-clad "cat women" (even though there is nothing specifically feline about them). The ruler, Alpha (Carol Brewster), reveals that she has telepathically brought the earthlings to her city, using Salinger as her unsuspecting go-between. The cat women perform a kinky dance to the tune of "Stranger in Paradise," while the shifty copilot Reissner tries to steal the city's cache of gold. Alpha enslaves the visitors via mind control, but cat-woman Lambda (Susan Morrow), having fallen in love with crewman Douglas Smith (Bill Phipps), saves the day. But no one ever explains why the control-room paraphernalia in the lunar space ship includes a 16-millimeter movie reel, mounted conspicuously on the wall. Yes, Cat-Women of the Moon is another of those "must be seen to be believed" efforts, along with such other all-time greats as Robot Monster and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Hal Erickson

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