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Shakes the Clown
Length:87 min
Cast:Bob Goldthwait ....Shakes the Clown Julie Brown.... Judy Robin Williams .... Mime Jerry Florence Henderson.... The Unknown Woman Adam Sandler (I).... Dink the Clown
Credits:Produced by: I.R.S. Media Directed by: Bob Goldthwait Writen by Bob Goldthwait

Shakes plods about his duties as party clown, and uses all of his free time getting seriously drunk. Binky, another clown, wins the spot on a local kiddie show, which depresses Shakes even more, and his boss threatens him with unemployment if he can't get his act under control. When someone murders Shakes' boss and makes it look like Shakes did it, he goes undercover, posing as a hated mime, and tries to find information that will clear his name.

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