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Deep Rising
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Length:106 min
Cast:Treat Williams (John Finnegan)
Famke Janssen (Trillian St. James)
Anthony Heald (Simon Canton)
Kevin J. O'Connor (Joey Pantucci)
Wes Studi (Hanover)
Derrick O'Connor (The Captain)
Jason Flemyng (Mulligan)
Djimon Hounsou (Vivo)
Cliff Curtis (Mamooli)
Clifton Powell (Mason)
Trevor Goddard ( T-Ray Jones)
Una Damon (Leila)
Clint Curtis (Billy)
Credits:Directed by Stephen Sommers
Distributed by: Buena Vista Pictures
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This ain't no pleasure cruise
Women and children first. You're next.
Full scream ahead.
A gang of jewel thieves board an empty luxury liner in the South Seas to find that the crew and passengers have been killed by a monster that kills its victims and sucks the water from their bodies that looks like a mix of a giant squid and the monster from "Aliens".

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