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Hurricane Streets
Length:86 min
Cast:Brendan Sexton Jr., Shawn Elliot, Jos‚ Zuniga, David Roland Frank, Carlo Alban, Antoine McLean, Mtume Gant, Lynn Cohen, Edie Falco, Heather Matarazzo, Damian Corrente, David Moscow, L.M. Kit Carson, Isidra Vega
Credits:Directed by Morgan J. Freeman
MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Awards:Sundance Film Festival
Cinematography Award - Enrique Chediak
Audience Award - Morgan J. Freeman
Director's Award - Morgan J. Freeman (1997)
Home Page:
A stark portrait of kids living on the edge, Hurricane Streets focuses on one teenager's fight to change the circumstances of his life.
Marcus, street smart teen who dreams of the day that he can escape the city trap and live with his mother in the wide open spaces of New Mexico. In the Meantime, he and his friends have found a lucrative sideline - shoplifting from local stores and selling the goods to kids at discount, during which time he meets Melena - the only ray of sunshine in his bleak world. His buddies want to try their hand at bigger crimes. The money is tempting, but the risk is too high. Then a stunning turn of events creats a dark vortex that threatens to pull Marcus down, unless he can engineer his own escape...

(Synopsis from Hurrican Streets HomePage)

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