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Good Luck
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Length:1 Hour 32 Minutes
Cast:Gregory Hines, Vincent Donofrio, James Earl Jones, Max Gail, Joe Theismann, Roy Firestone
Credits:Directed by Richard LaBrie

Inspired by real events, GOOD LUCK is the story of Tony "Ole" Olezniak (Vincent D'Onofrio) an embittered ex-football star whose career is cut short when he is left blinded by a freak spinal injury while playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Belittled and mocked by his ex-wife, who has exploited his injury and their marriage into a new career as a tell-all author, Ole goes on a comical tirade throwing all of his furniture off of his apartment balcony, ending up in jail. Sick of his life and all of the lampoonish media attention he has been getting, Ole opts not to bail himself out.

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