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Deep Impact
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Length:2 Hours 1 Minute
Cast:Tea Leoni (Jenny Lerner)
Elijah Wood (Leo Biederman)
Robert Duvall (Spurgeon Tanner)
Morgan Freeman (President Beck)
Vanessa Redgrave(Robin Lerner)
Richard Schiff
Blair Underwood ( Mark Simon)
Mary McCormick
Maximilian Schel (Jason Lerner)
Dougray Scott
Ron Eldard (Monash)
Jon Farveau (Gus Partenza)
Denise Crosby
James Cromwell
W. Earl Brown (McCloud)
Laura Innes (Beth Stanley)
Bruce Weitz (Stuart Cailey)
Credits:DreamWorks Productions
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Heaven and Earth are about to collide.

Found by chance wandering through the night sky, the world discovers to its horror that a massive comet is on a direct collision course with the planet in two years. Faced with the probable extinction of civilization, the nations of the world launch a mission into space while the rest of the world watches, waits...and then prepares for the unthinkable.

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