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Length:275 min
Country:Soviet Union
Cast:Natasha Andreichenko, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mikhail Kononov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Igor Okhlupin, Yevgeni Perov, Sergei Shakurov, Vladimir Simonov, Nikolai Skorobogatov, Vitali Solomin
Credits:Directed by: Andrei Konchalovsky

The story about a very small god-forgotten village in Siberia reflects the history of Russia from the beginning of the century till early 80s. Three generations try to find the land of happiness and to give it to the people. One builds the road through taiga to the star over horizon, the second 'build communism' and the third searches for oil. The oil is found but the destruction of the old cemetry and everything the people of the village cared for followed to get the 'black treasure' of Siberia.

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