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Gone With The Wind
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Cast:Victor Fleming, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard

This sweeping melodrama based on Margaret Mitchell's bestselling Civil War epic defined the term "Hollywood blockbuster." A massive box-office hit that cleaned up at the 1939 Oscars, winning every major awards, including Best Picture, GONE WITH WIND has maintained an unshakable hold on the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. Everything about the making of this American classic is legendary -- not least, producer David O. Selznick's highly publicized search to find the perfect star for the coveted leading role. Selznick finally found his Scarlett in British actress Vivien Leigh, brilliant as the indomitable southern belle determined to rebuild her family's fortune after it is destroyed by Sherman's army. Matinee idol Clark Gable costarred as the charming scoundrel Rhett Butler, making his parting line to Scarlett -- "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" -- among the most famous in movie history. Scarlett and Rhett's doomed romance unfolds against a backdrop of truly spectacular set pieces, among them the unforgettable burning of Atlanta. Shot in vibrant three-strip Technicolor, GONE WITH THE WIND is Hollywood filmmaking at its grandest. Kryssa Schemmerling

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