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Norah Jones: Live In New Orleans
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Cast:Norah Jones

Norah Jones's debut album Come Away with Me was the story of the 2003 Grammys, sweeping eight categories including Album of the Year and Best New Artist. The 22-year-old has quickly fulfilled a staggering amount of hype (she was lauded as one of Rolling Stone's ten "Artists to Watch" in 2002) to become one of music's most accomplished young voices. Come Away with Me is a virtuoso blend of pop, soul, and jazz, and the ease with which she navigates the varying genres is astounding considering her age. This live concert DVD was filmed in August 2002 at the House of Blues in New Orleans and features the hit singles "Don't Know Why" and "Come Away with Me," as well as the previously unreleased composition "What Am I to You." Live in New Orleans is a worthy DVD companion to one of the finest debut albums of the past few years. Tracks are as follows: Cold Cold Heart Nightingale One Flight Down Seven Years Feelin' the Same Way Comes Love Something Is Calling You Come Away with Me What Am I to You? Painter Song Lonestar I've Got to See You Again Bessie Smith Don't Know Why

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