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The Dixie Chicks: An Evening with the Dixie Chicks
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Length:1h 32mins
Cast:Joel Gallen, Dixie Chicks

Although the Dixie Chicks have technically been making music since 1989, it wasn't until 1995, with the addition of singer Natalie Maines, that the band truly took off. Maines joined Martie Seidel and Emily Erwin Robison to complete a hyper-talented, multi-dimensional trio that seamlessly blends blues, bluegrass, country, pop, and a bit of Irish jig. Their double-Grammy-winning debut, Wide Open Spaces, is the bestselling album in country music history, and their follow-up, Fly, took home two Grammys of its own. An Evening with the Dixie Chicks is a live concert performance from L.A.'s Kodak Theater that aired on NBC in December 2002, featuring tunes from Wide Open Spaces, Fly, and the band's latest release, Home. The 90-minute DVD includes seven songs not shown during the NBC special, as well as a band biography. For both diehard Dixie Chicks fans and the uninitiated, this one is a can't-miss. Long Time Gone Landslide Travelin' Soldier Truth No. 2 White Trash Wedding A Home More Love I Believe in Love Tortured, Tangled Hearts Lil' Jack Slade Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) Top of the World Wide Open Spaces Cowboy Take Me Away Goodbye Earl Sin Wagon

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