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Sex and Lucia
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Length:2h 8mins
Cast:Julio Medem, Paz Vega, Tristan Ulloa, Najwa Nimri

Sex truly deserves its top billing in Sex and Lucia, an erotically charged romance written and directed by Julio Medem. Paz Vega stars as Lucia, who travels to a Mediterranean island to recover from the loss of her writer boyfriend, Lorenzo (Trist n Ulloa). The story is told through flashbacks to their affair and Lorenzo's work on a novel. A sense of dreamlike serendipity and unabashed eroticism infuses Sex and Lucia; the contemplation and realism of Y Tu Mam  Tambi‚n are nowhere to be found. But, like that recent Alfonso CuarĒn film, Sex and Lucia celebrates sexuality with gusto, including romantic sex on a moonlit beach as well as sex games involving striptease, Polaroids, and blindfolds. Although these scenes stop short of anything hardcore, they are nonetheless deliriously X-rated -- and often exhilarating. (A toned-down, R-rated version is also available.) Adding to the sensual overload of the film is a sun-drenched island locale that comes vividly to life through unique, almost bleached-out cinematography. Ultimately, Sex and Lucia is a feature-length seduction wherein dreamy afternoon foreplay leads to romance under a full moon. It's a love story with a big, softcore heart. Gregory Baird

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