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The Hostage Negotiator
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Cast:Keoni Waxman

Gail O'Grady stars as Theresa Foley, a highly respected and much-decorated FBI hostage negotiator. Theresa's career goes down the tubes when she refuses to testify in court against her husband Frank (Michael Bowen), an FBI agent gone bad. Escaping from prison, Frank stages a daylight bank robbery, thereby creating the sort of hostage situation that only a crack negotiator like Theresa could possibly handle. But though the FBI is willing to press Theresa back into action, she knows only too well that Frank will be able to anticipate her every move -- and that he has a terrible vengeance in mind for his ex-spouse, one that will "take down" a number of innocent bystanders in the process. Made for cable The Hostage Negotiator was first presented by the USA network on May 22, 2001. Hal Erickson

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