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How to Beat the High Co$t of Living
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Length:1h 45mins
Cast:Dabney Coleman, Robert Scheerer, Susan St. James, Jessica Lange

Jane Curtin and Susan St. James share star billing with Jessica Lange in this uninspired comedy about three women who need a cash infusion. (Curtin and St. James would later co-star in the popular "Kate and Allie" on American television.) Jane (St. James) is divorced and financially pressed to raise her children in the manner to which they were accustomed. Elaine's (Curtin) husband left with all their assets except for the house and car, and Louise's (Lange) antique store is going to go bust unless she gets rid of the red ink. After the three women share their angst, they hit on a scheme of robbing cash from the local shopping mall, a place they know quite well. That familiarity, it turns out, cannot guarantee success. Eleanor Mannikka

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