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Stuart Little
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Length:1h 25mins
Cast:Robert Minkoff, Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie

You will believe a mouse can talk. Oh, and pilot a toy sailboat, among other anthropomorphic feats. Directed by Ron Minkoff (codirector of Disney's The Lion King) and coadapted for the screen by Oscar nominee M. Night Shyamalan ( The Sixth Sense), this delightful film combines live action with state-of-the-art, Oscar-nominated visual effects. The story comes from E. B. White's beloved book: Hugh Laurie and Oscar-winner Geena Davis star as Mr. and Mrs. Little, who set out to adopt a baby brother for their son George (Jonathan Lipnicki of Jerry Maguire) but instead return home with a mouse (ingratiatingly voiced by Michael J. Fox). The fuzzy white rodent, whom they name Stuart, is not a hit at home. "He's only a mouse," George grouses. The house cat, Snowball (Nathan Lane, perfectly catty), is even nastier, especially after Mr. Little admonishes, "We do not eat family members." Shamed by his status as a cat with a mouse master, he goes on the offensive. A few climactic scenes of peril and some mild profanity (Snowball to Stuart: "Talk to the butt!") earned Stuart Little its PG rating. But the family themes explored here are heartfelt and thought-provoking, especially for children with new siblings. Donald Liebenson

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