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Stuart Little 2
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Length:1h 18mins
Cast:Robert Minkoff, Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie

Stuart, the little mouse that could, soars to new heights in this superior sequel to the 1999 Oscar-nominated family favorite. Stuart (given indefatigable voice by Michael J. Fox) is by now a fully accepted member of the Little family. Even his former nemesis, the house cat Snowball (voiced again by Nathan Lane), has warmed to his presence. But Mrs. Little (Geena Davis) worries when her three-inch charge, Stuart, plays soccer with cleat-wearing human kids, and his brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki) is spending more time with his own friends. Into Stuart's life flies Maragalo (Melanie Griffith), a wayward bird whom Stuart rescues from a predatory falcon (James Woods at his menacing best). Is she the friend for whom the trusting, good-hearted Stuart has wished, or is she not what she seems? The nifty visual effects -- which allow Stuart to drive a miniature car on the streets of New York and pilot a model airplane over Central Park -- do not overshadow the very human story that teaches that size is not an essential determinant in stature. Donald Liebenson

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