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Cast: Eric Bana, Gregory Sporleder, Jennifer Connelly, Lynn Red Williams, Nick Nolte
Credits:DIRECTOR(S): Ang Lee PRODUCER(S): Gale Anne Hurd, James Schamus, Avi Arad WRITER(S): David Hayter, Michael Tolkin, James Schamus

In the aftermath of a catastrophic experiment, a brilliant scientist, Bruce Banner, is transformed by his inner demons into a mutant, green, creature-like strongman. He also discovers that he has inherited a tragic legacy from his brilliant father, Dr. David Banner. Both superhero and monster, Bruce battles against evil forces while being pursued by the military. Meanwhile, Bruce falls in love with a female colleague, Betty Ross, whose scientific genius has unwittingly helped unleash the Hulk. Betty, coincidentally, is the daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross, the commander of a top-secret military research base.

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