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Father Goose
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Length:1 Hour 58 Minutes
Cast:Ralph Nelson, Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, Trevor Howard

Deliberately casting his established screen image to the four winds, Cary Grant plays Walter Eckland, an unkempt, uncouth and unshaven beach bum in Father Goose. During World War II, Walter keeps busy relaying radio reports of Japanese air activity. But he's no hero, and in fact volunteered for this mission only because he's been promised a shipment of liquor by Australian naval officer Frank Houghton (Trevor Howard). Making matters worse for the misanthropic Eckland is the arrival of French schoolmistress Catherine Freneau (Leslie Caron) and her seven little-girl charges, whose plane has crashed nearby. The animosity between Walter and Catherine erupts into a slapping contest, with Walter dishing it out as well as taking it. Only when Catherine is bitten by a deadly snake does Walter express his affections for her, but even this suspenseful scene, like everything else in this buoyant concoction, is played for laughs. Despite his raunchy behavior and extended drunk scene, Cary Grant can't completely escape the suavity and erudition that made him a star, but it's a nice try all the same. Hal Erickson

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