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The 36 Crazy Fists
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Length:1 Hour 30 Minutes
Cast:Jackie Chan

The enormously popular martial-arts star Jackie Chan both starred and directed in Jackie Chan and the 36 Crazy Fists. There's nothing new or innovational about the plot: Chan's father is killed, and he seeks revenge. Learning the intricacies of kicking and slashing from a Shao-Lin master, Chan takes on 18 opponents before finally getting his chance to square accounts with his dad's murderer. No, nothing new here, but in terms of sheer action content, 36 Crazy Fists rates as one of Chan's best films. And as a bonus, he manages to inject his trademarked slapstick humor into the proceedings at various critical junctures. The supporting cast includes Liu Chai Yung, Jen Shin Kuan. Barely known in the U.S., Jackie Chan and the 36 Crazy Fists began showing up with reassuring regularity in American video stores after the box-office success of Chan's Rumble in the Bronx. Hal Erickson

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